Tan Preparation and Care

Preparing before your Spray Tan:

What you do can means the difference between a good and a bad spray tan.

* Exfoliate before you go for a spray tan.

The spray tanning solution affects only the dead skin cells. Your skin has a build up of dead skin cells on top of it. The thicker the layer, the sooner it will rub off. If you exfoliate, the layer will be very shallow, and it will take a while for it to “build up”. Your tan will last longer. It is important to use either exfoliating glove or products that don’t contain any oils (includes any Dove products as these are heavily moisturised), otherwise the oily barrier can stop the spray tanning solution getting through. We stock Black Magic exfoliation gloves $25

* Don’t wear any deodorant, moisturiser or makeup before spray tan.

Many deodorants will stop spray tanning solutions getting through.
A few moisturisers and makeup products can act as a barrier, not letting the full amount of the solution attach itself to the skin. This includes soaps with moisturisers in it.
As soon as you’ve had your spray tan you can apply deodorant and make up.

* Wear loose clothing after your tanning session.

It is best to bring clothes and shoes as loose as possible to wear after your spray tanning session to make sure nothing rubs off. Ladies keep your bra’s in your handbags – don’t wear them home. Keep that handbag off your shoulders whilst the tan develops (8 hours). If you sleep in it overnight (which will happen if you get sprayed late night) make sure you put loads of moisturiser on the palms of your hands as we tend to touch ourselves at night and waking up with brown hands is not a good look :),
If your palms do go brown try some lemon juice and exfoliate (I have found a steel wool soap pad works a treat to remove tan off your hands). Also bring a brolly if it’s raining as you need to stay dry while your tan develops.

* Don’t wax or shave your legs before spray tan.

As you will be sprayed with a solution containing bronzer it is best to shave or wax one or two days before, as the bronzer gets into the newly created pores and can give you “spotty” results.

Caring For, Extending and Removing Spray Tan.

Caring for your tan involves keeping it moisturised, and using specialised products to extend the life of your tan.

* Keep your spray tan moist

1. Moisturise like crazy. Before your spray on tan, you will have exfoliated, so the layer of dead skin cells is flat and shallow. You then had your tan, which was developed in the dead skin layer. After your tan you have to guard it from becoming dry and rubbing off. The best way to do this is to moisturise it morning and night. (You start after you have a shower.) This means dead skin cells will be moist, and stay “plastered” to your body.

We stock Black Magic Tan’s Tan Lock Moisturiser specifically designed to support your new tan – $25
We also stock Nourish Moisturiser with SPF 15 – $20

2. Avoid things that will exfoliate your skin excessively. How about a hot, luxurious bath after your spray on tan? I don’t think so! That will make your skin exfoliate faster, as will rolling in the sand on the beach. A short swim in the sea will not take much off however, but a swim in a chlorinated pool will. (Chlorine will not exfoliate the tan, it will bleach it).

3. Use gentle shower products. Some soaps are too harsh and using them can take tan off in patches. If you have to use the soap, use good quality ones that moisturise. Better still; a gentle shower gel will be much better for your spray tanned skin.

4. It’s crucial to make sure the moisturising lotions you use are oil-free since oils break down the DHA and give your skin that cracked appearance.

* Prolong the life of your tan.

5. Touch up the spray tan. The spray tan has a tendency to come off first from places that are used the most like hands, feet and face (lots of face cosmetics have exfoliating qualities). If you wear tight clothing like jeans, you might find that your legs get lighter in some places (tops of your thighs) first.
Touch up solutions and a moisturiser that includes DHA for extending your tan are worth investing in. (A sunless tanning moisturiser can extend the life of your tan).
Touching up your tan in the morning and moisturising should take no more than couple of minutes at the most, and you will look great from the first, to the last day.

We stock Tan X-Tend by Black Magic which is designed using DHA to extend the life of your tan $20.

6. Removing spray tan altogether. If you had a really dark spray on tan, at the end of its life it might be getting quite patchy, and if it is beyond the stage that can be touched up, you might want to take it off.

The easiest way of removing spray tan is to have a hot bath, soak for 10-15 minutes then grab one of those exfoliating gloves (or loofah), pour some exfoliating gel onto it and scrub everything off.

We stock ‘Spray Tanning Exfoliating Mitts’ specifically designed for the removal of old tan. $25 and they are fantastic for removing tan and leaving the body smooth, soft and ready for your next tan.

“All gone? Back tomorrow to the spray tan studio for another tan!